7 Kim Kardashian Beauty Secrets

Who does not want to know the beauty secrets of Kim Kadarshian? Keep reading this post to know more.

There’s no denying that Kim Kardashian and the rest of the Kardashian gals are some of the smartest business women out there. They’ve created a fashion and lifestyle empire, and of course are known for their beauty tips and tricks. Kim Kardashian has staked her claim as one of the top modern beauty icons in the world, with over 119 million followers on Instagram alone. Whatever Kim says goes in the world of beauty, and today we’re sharing 4 Kim Kardashian makeup tutorials every girl should know, as well as her best beauty secrets and KKW products!

7 Kardashian Beauty Secrets

1. Love Your Moisturizer
If you know Kim, then you know her extreme love for moisturizers, especially thick moisturizers like Guerlain. When she revealed a snapshot of her skincare routine to W, she shared that after she cleanses her skin, she adds a hyaluronic acid, then a La Mer serum and a thick moisturizer over top. She claims that good skin starts with moisturizer! So, there you have it.

2. Body Oil for Cellulite
Kim Kardashian wears body oil to the gym to reduce the risk of cellulite. She revealed to her followers on Snapchat that if you apply body oil before your workout, you’re left with firm skin and no wrinkles, not to mention extremely moisturized skin. One of her favourite body oils? Blue Lagoon Silica Bath & Body Oil!

3. Laser Your Baby Hairs
Baby hairs can be so stubborn, and sometimes it can be impossible to tame them. For the perfect hairline, Kim Kardashian lasered her baby hairs off. Although she claims she now misses them, she got them lasered in the first place because she would always breakout because of them. How far would you go for the perfect hairline?

4. Leave the House with Warmed Up Skin
It’s no secret that Kim K loves her contouring and highlighting. She told W that she uses her (the KKW) contour sticks and blends it to give her face warmth, especially when she doesn’t have time to put on a whole face of foundation.

5. The Waist Trainer
The Kardashians made the waist trainer happen. Kim Kardashian loves her waist trainer and even used it to slim down after she had her babies. She claims she works out in one whenever she wants to thin out her waist. Don’t have the funds to invest in a KKW waist trainer? There are heaps of more affordable waist trainers on Amazon!

6. Low Maintenance Hair Washing Schedule
Kim is known for her long, shiny locks. Her hair always looks perfect whether it’s dark and stick straight or blonde with tousled waves. Her secret? She only shampoos it twice a week to keep it from drying out. On top of her low maintenance hair washing schedule, she also uses hydrating at-home hair masks to strengthen and condition her strands.

7. Always Remove Your Makeup
Although Kim loves her makeup, she loves removing it just as much. She told Allure that her go-to face wipes are the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes – it’s the only way she’ll remove her makeup. Going to bed with clean skin reduces your chances of acne and wrinkles, and if you sleep with free radicals on your skin, it can cause cellular damage and early aging, so be sure to remove your makeup every night!

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