5 Tips on How to Blend Eyeshadow Like a Pro Makeup Artist

1) 5 Easy Steps To Blend Eyeshadows Perfectly –A Step By Step Tutorial

Blending is the key to makeup. But, that’s nothing less than a riddle for most of us, isn’t it? Because not all of us are makeup professionals. We at StyleCraze totally understand that learning the basics is the key when it comes to makeup tricks. So, today, we have decided to dedicate a makeup lesson to eyeshadow blending! All makeup tutorials chant “blend well” as if it’s a mantra! So, what exactly does every makeup freak mean by blending? Well, it actually is a makeup mantra we swear by. A well-blended eyeshadow will result in a look where you will not be able to distinguish where the eyeshadow begins and where it ends. Via – Style Craze

2) How to Blend Eye Shadow Like a Pro Makeup Artist

I asked a handful of professional makeup artists to demystify eye shadow blending, and I swear blending is easier than it looks with their tips. You don’t have to be giving celebrities perfectly diffused smoky eyes all day and all night to master the technique. Via – Allure.com

3) How to: Blend Eyeshadow Vertically

This is a beautiful technique which lets you blend eyeshadow in an ombre way – from down to up, also known as vertically. Follow these steps to learn how to achieve this striking look. Via – SuperDrug

4) How to Blend Eyeshadow — According to Your Eye Shape

When it comes to perfectly applying eyeshadow, we can all agree that blending is the hardest part. While choosing the right shade for your eye color and choosing from the endless eye looks out there is hard, getting them to look right on you can be even more difficult. Luckily, blending isn’t as tricky as you think. It comes down to the right tools, technique, knowing your eye shape and like all things — lots of practice.

Keep reading for our tried and true tips for getting a perfectly blended eye every time. Via – Makeup.com

5) Blending Eye Shadows Perfectly: Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

You can create fabulous eyeshadow looks with different colours – using them either individually or by blending shades and textures. Blending is the key to the best eyeshadow looks. However, there are a few eyeshadow techniques that you need to know to get your eye makeup routine spot on. If you are someone who struggles with eye makeup steps, here is a complete guide on how to apply eyeshadow and blend it perfectly. via –  UrbanClap

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